You may be interested in adding a "Karaoke Night" to your weekly entertainment lineup. Your patrons that love to sing get their chance to "amaze" or "daze" the audience. You will be surprised at the talent that is brought in on these nights.



Another popular option is having a night advertised as "DJ Tonight" whether it be a mix of genres or single genre such as "country" or "dance"  maybe a disco/eighties theme night to name a few of possibilities. Maybe a car show that you're hosting needs the sounds of the fifties? We can fit almost any need! 

Recently added, which you might advertise as "Game Night" in which we project on a screen T.V. like game shows such as that trivia show with "Alex", the "Family game" that Richard D. made famous and the game with the wheel and "Vanna". Patrons can play individually or work as groups . The buzzers are awesome!! Throw in a round of music bingo with a prize and your off and running with a busy night! I am the host and will be dressed for the part!


Take 2 Karaoke and Disc Jockeys offers the following to venue owners looking to add some fun and extra revenue to their business.